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East Midland Homes Cooperative is a social enterprise, registered with FSA as Industrial Provident Society, which aims to provide good quality of housing & services primarily to people on low incomes, BME, their families and other groups with similar needs.

The Cooperative is committed to providing homes to disadvantage families in housing need within East Midlands.

EMHC will consider direct applications from individuals seeking rehousing. Whilst also accepting referral from the local authority housing aid to ensure we contribute to meeting local housing needs. We aim to provide accommodation for 75% low incomes families, BME and those from similar groups.

Equality & Diversity

EMHC is committed to ensuring that both in terms of access to its homes and deciding to whom its properties are let to, no one will be treated less favourably than anyone else because of race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, age, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, caring responsibilities or religion.

EMHC shall actively seek to eliminate discrimination, ensure equality of opportunity, value the diversity of human society and treat every individual with dignity and respect. No member or person or groups of people wishing to become members or to use the services provided by the Co-operative shall be treated less favourably because of any matter which causes them to be treated unfairly or with injustice. The Co-operative shall maintain and implement an equality and diversity policy which complies with the legislation of the United Kingdom and the European Union and accords with current equality and diversity codes and best practice, in particular the equality and diversity codes published from time to time by the Confederation of Co-operative Housing and Co-operatives UK.

Rent Arrears Policy Statement

  • 1.1 It is the policy of EMHC to maximise rental income, minimise debt and act in a way that is supportive of sustaining tenancies in order to meet housing needs within the Cooperative's key demographic.
  • 1.2 EMHC will adopt a firm, fair and rigorous approach towards arrears of rent and other charges due.
  • 1.3 EMHC offers a customer-focused approach to income collection to ensure that we maintain an efficient rent collection service. The Cooperative will check that tenants are provided with advice on their eligibility to welfare benefits.
  • 1.4 When all available remedies have failed to reduce a tenant's rent arrears, we will take firm enforcement action. EMHC will only use possession and eviction as a last resort.
  • 1.5 We will regularly review our rent arrears policy and procedures and seek to continuously improve services and performance. We will survey tenants to assess customer satisfaction and achieve service improvements.

Arrears prevention

  • 2.1 EMHC is committed to providing full information to new tenants on their rent-paying obligations and the impact that non-payment will have on their tenancy. A copy of the Cooperative's policy on rent arrears should be provided to the tenant as part of the sign-up pack.
  • 2.2 We will ensure that tenants have the necessary facilities to make their first rent payments and are referred to welfare advice and money management advice if required.
  • 2.3 At sign-up we request the payment of 4 week's rent in advance from all tenants, irrespective of their housing benefit entitlement or eligibility.

Service standards

We are committed to providing our tenants, residents and service users with an excellent maintenance service. These service standards tell you what you can expect if we carry out repairs or improvements to your home. We plan to work with you to:

  • provide an efficient repairs and maintenance service;
  • provide a fair and equal service to all our residents and service users;
  • offer repairs by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or through our website
  • carry out gas and electric checks on time;
  • carry out regular resident satisfaction surveys with residents and service usere; and make sure our Operation Manager carry out sample inspections of the works we carried out once it is finished.

Complaints Policy

  • 1.1. East Midland Homes Cooperative aims to provide a high quality service. We recognise, however, that there may be occasions when we get things wrong or service users are unhappy about some aspect of our service.
  • 1.2. This Complaints Policy sets out different stages a complaint is to go through, the timescales involved and who should be involved in handling the complaint.
  • 1.3. A complaint is defined as "an expression of dissatisfaction made about the standard or quality of service, action or lack of action by EMHC or its staff affecting an individual or a group of individuals in receipt of the service provided by EMHC."
  • 1.4. The policy seeks to create a positive approach to complaints. Complaints are valued as a means to continuously review and improve the services offered by the Cooperative.

Key Principals

2.1. EMHC's Complaints Policy is based upon 4 key principles:

  • It will be responsive: We will offer those who complain a clear response to their complaint. Responses will be provided within clearly defined timescales.
  • It will seek to improve service delivery: It will give us a second chance to achieve customer satisfaction, prevent recurrence and thus help shape improvements in service delivery.
  • It will be easy to access and be well publicised: EMHC will accept complaints in person, by letter or email. The complaints policy and procedure will be made available in office and on EMHC's website.
  • It will be well managed: Our complaints management will aim to be objective and fair and to resolve problems as soon as possible in a manner which respects confidentiality and privacy.

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